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Since its formation in 2017, Paradigm Human Performance has rapidly become one of the World’s leading Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) training and consultancy companies with a global reach and operating in many diverse industry sectors.

Working with Indegu, we have embarked on a journey to develop and implement open eLearning courses as part of their offerings. This case study explores the reasons behind this decision, the process we underwent, and the benefits we have reaped so far from this strategic shift.  Our first open eLearning course with Indegu, “An Introduction to HOP” was launched in September this year (2023).

Motivation for E-Learning Courses

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Paradigm predominantly delivered face-to-face or virtual and blended training and consultancy services, catering to the expectations of management teams and leaders. While face-to-face training allowed for effective knowledge transfer, it had its limitations when serving a diverse array of large, global organisations, including those with dispersed or even off-shore locations. The need for a more flexible, scalable, and accessible solution became evident.

ELearning emerged as the answer to this challenge. It offered the means to reach and influence a wider audience, irrespective of geographical locations, and allowed leaders to comprehensively introduce HOP concepts, ideas, and philosophies across the whole of their organisations in a much shorter timeframe.

Seamless Transition Process

The transition to eLearning was executed with remarkable ease, largely due to the expertise and insights of Indegu’s experienced team of educators. Their understanding of the learning landscape enabled them to work closely with Paradigm to adapt and enrich their courses for online delivery.

Benefits to Paradigm

The implementation of eLearning has already yielded a plethora of benefits for Paradigm:

Cost-Effective Training

ELearning has proven to be a cost-effective means of delivering organisation-wide training, even when required in remote or challenging locations.

Efficient Distribution

Courses can be rapidly and efficiently distributed to clients, eliminating logistical barriers.

Enhanced Prior Knowledge

ELearning equips learners with a solid foundation in the field of Human and Organisational Performance (HOP), leading to increased training effectiveness.

Flexible Learning

The flexibility of eLearning allows for ‘micro learning’ bursts of training that can be seamlessly integrated into busy work schedules. Learners have the advantage of revisiting course content at their convenience, a feature unavailable in traditional face-to-face settings.

Improved Feedback

ELearning facilitates straightforward feedback collection, enabling Paradigm to respond to queries and reviews promptly. It also provides a more objective appraisal of the course material, shifting the focus away from the instructor's style to the course content itself.

Tailored Training

The ability to personalise training by incorporating client-specific elements, such as branding, images, industry-specific questions and case studies is an important element for Paradigm so they can continue to deliver a high quality and personalised packages to clients.

Phil Gilling, Director of Training and Development at Paradigm Human Performance, shared his experience:

"We have been highly impressed with the level of knowledge, guidance and support we have received from Indegu in cementing our eLearning offerings. Their background in teaching is evident and made all the difference.

We are in the early stages of rolling this out amongst our clients, but so far, the feedback has been excellent and we are excited to continue to develop our e-learning services."

Matt Cox, Director at Indegu, responded with:

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Paradigm as they continue their journey sharing their knowledge around the world. They are committed to quality and their expertise in the field of Human and Organisation Performance has been invaluable in shaping the introductory course. We look forward to many more milestones and achievements in the world of HOP."

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