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About Indegu Training

At Indegu we’re proud to provide the very highest standard in eLearning solutions to businesses and organisations nationwide. Our founders, Tracey Marlow-Jones and Matt Cox have spent time teaching and have more than 20 years experience in adult education. After teaching, Tracey and Matt went on to manage a team of eLearning professionals, where more than 2500 hours of learning content was created for the education sector, over a six-year period – this was utilised among more than 150 colleges across the UK. Following this success, and working with industry specialists to create quality learning resources, the directors went on to form Indegu Ltd, a UK Worcestershire-based company with a global reach. Indegu was launched in May 2018. Utilising their teaching expertise, Tracey and Matt ensure learning is relevant, achievable, and enjoyable. Indegu is now a team of educational professionals with a passion for all things learning.

Our mission to provide outstanding eLearning experiences

Our mission focuses on being able to produce customised eLearning designed around the needs of our clients – while putting the learner first. Utilising our teaching background, we can ensure that your learning drives success. We create resources that are affordable, engaging, and media-rich for any size of project.

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Committed to the community and charities

Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust Logo -large

Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust (GKCCT)

Since 2018, Indegu has supported Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust (GKCCT) in their invaluable work to raise awareness of childhood cancers and the signs and symptoms with which it may present. GKCCT produce educational resources for parents and clinicians, provide support to families, and fund research into rare, solid tumours of childhood.

We support GKCCT with eLearning resources to enable the charity to help reach a wider audience when raising awareness, and we continue to support the charity’s fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

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Young Solutions Worcestershire

We are also dedicated to providing support to Young Solutions Worcestershire, which is a progressive infrastructure charity dedicated to keeping young people throughout our county ‘safe and involved’. They provide advice and training and support the work of members, voluntary youth clubs, community groups, and all organisations – with the well-being of children and young people at their core.

Young Solutions were let down by a previous supplier to provide a range of training courses, so Indegu took on the challenge to convert existing written content into a range of eLearning courses.

Working closely with the business community

We’re proud to be active members of the Family Business Practice, the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce and North Worcestershire Business Leaders. Collaborating with local and national organisations has helped us to springboard growth and forge new alliances to work in synergy across the industry. As life-long learners ourselves, learning from other businesses has been the key to our success.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our work with local charities and businesses, please contact us today by emailing [email protected] or call 07792 652211.

Meet the directors

Both directors spent time teaching, with more than 20 years in adult education. After, they went on to manage a team of eLearning professionals, where over 2000 hours of learning content was created, over a six-year period for education.

This content was utilised across more than 150 colleges throughout the UK.

Tracey Marlow-Jones

Tracey Marlow-Jones


What do you enjoy most about being in the business?
It’s great to be able to oversee a project from start to finish. I enjoy being able to use my teaching experience to create learning content, and because the content is varied based on the clients we work for, I’m learning new things all the time – from cyber security to first aid – you never know what’s next.

What’s your greatest achievement to date?
Helping to save someone’s life at the scene of an accident many years ago. More recently, taking the plunge by giving up a job and starting a new business.

What motivates you and what de-motivates you?
Professionally, clients choosing to work with me because of my industry knowledge and expertise is great, allowing me to create resources that clients can be proud of. As for de-motivation, ironing!

Matt Cox

Matt Cox


What do you enjoy most about being in the business?
The opportunity to introduce eLearning to organisations as a way to engage their customers and employees. It’s always good to be doing something different, from different subjects to different organisations.

What’s your greatest achievement to date?
Having taught for 10 years, meeting a past student, and finding out I made a difference to them.

What motivates you and what de-motivates you?
I’m motivated by the opportunity to change the way someone or something works to make it more innovative. Repetitive tasks de-motivate me – very quickly.

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