Protecting Yourself in an Online World

Protecting Yourself in an Online World


Duration: 35-40 minutes

Access: 6 months

Certificate available

Whether it is for work or pleasure, we all go online. As soon as you are online you open yourself up to the risk that someone else can access your data. This course introduces and explains some of the common ways your data can become compromised and some basic steps on how to protect yourself.

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This course is a basic introduction to online safety. It looks at cyber security terms that are in common use in the media and what they mean to you. It discusses who is responsible for data on personal computers as well as work computers, and makes suggestions as to what can be done to prevent others from accessing that data. Finally, it briefly introduces the subject of cyberbullying and elaborates on what is considered cyberbullying in the eyes of the law.

Learning objectives

In this course you will learn about:

  • Common terms around cyber security
  • Who is responsible for data on a computer
  • What you can do to prevent other people from gaining access
  • How people try to gain access
  • Top tips on how to protect yourself
  • Cyberbullying

Assessment and pass rate

  • The course should take approximately 35-40 minutes and is designed to be completed in one go.
  • There is a quiz at the end of the course consisting of 8 questions – you need to get 75% to pass but don’t worry, you can take it as many times as you need.


A certificate is available to download once the assessment has been successfully completed.

The certificate is valid for one year.

Need any help?

Course materials

Should you require any support with the content of the course, please email [email protected]

Technical support

If technical assistance is required with accessing the course, please contact [email protected]